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Please note:  I’m in a transitional period and the information below is no longer correct.  I’ll update it as soon as I have the time and know exactly HOW it should be changed.

I’m currently the Vice President and Chief Technologist, OBU at Adobe– previously known as the Omniture CTO.  Adobe purchased Omniture in October of 2009 and part of the deal was that they had to add at least 37 syllables to my title.  We’re getting close, but not quite there yet.  I’ll file an official grievance soon.

Omniture was established in 1996 and grew to be a the leading provider of web analytics and online business optimization software. It has been a remarkable journey and opportunity… First to pioneer the SAAS/software on demand business model with Omniture, and now to continue to grow that business within Adobe.

I’m the inventor of over 8 issued patents with several patents still pending. I have a degree in biology and am passionate about and enjoy technology, live music, Edward, and sports cars.


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