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Godspeed, Bro!

It probably sounds a little melodramatic to suggest that my world was spinning a few weeks ago when Josh publicly announced he was leaving Adobe, and I suppose maybe it is.  I mean it isn’t like I hadn’t seen it coming from a mile off, and even known about the decision for some time.  I guess some hitherto undiscovered defense mechanism in my head was preventing me from processing what this really meant.

You see, Josh has not only been a tremendous business leader and industry visionary, but also a very close, personal friend.  I’m not good with superlatives (I always second guess myself about them) but there have been none in my life, save my only family that have had the impact that Josh has had on mine.  For the last 13 years I’ve not only had the pleasure of building a phenomenal business with him, but he has been there for all of my personal triumphs, and more helpful, right at my side for all my personal lows.  His good judgment extends to matters far beyond business and have been lucky to number him among my closest confidants.

Yes, I expect the friendship will continue– we’re queued up for some fishing and squirrel-obstacle-source engineering later this month– but there is no doubt in my mind the relationship will be different.  How could it not be?  For a decade we’ve worked side by side on a common goal, and in doing so, been “forced” into frequent interaction.

In any case, Josh, thank you for your friendship, and for the opportunity.  I love you like a brother… Which is why it hurts me even more than it hurts you to tell you that you blew it.  We’re so going to own this market and I shudder to imagine the regret you are going to feel at leaving. 🙂

All the best Josh… See you soon!