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Blogs are like puppies

Evidently, they need lots of love and attention.  If one abandons them, then apparently they go off and disappear.  We can only hope they didn’t die.  More importantly, we can hope they haven’t turned feral and are plotting the day when they later wreak Cujo-esque havoc on our ability to run for public office.

In any case, I failed to give my old collection of blog articles the requisite attention, and now they seem to be gone.  If you happen to have any of my OLD blog articles:

  1. please stop stalking me and
  2. please send them to me
  3. If it seems that these instructions are mutually exclusive then I suppose I’m willing to put up with a little, gentle stalking if you can send me my articles

Not only were they (I’m sure) a bastion of sanity and wisdom in a messed up world, but I’d love to have them around for sentimental reasons.  Unless they’ve gone feral.